DevOps Consulting


Managed Cloud Service Providers

Don’t have the capabilities but seeking to launch MCSP? We provide in- house experts who will cater to you and your company to achieve the best possible Solutions in these areas:

  • - Design, Deploy & Manage Open Stack Based Private Cloud
  • - Onboarding new customers to Cloud
  • - Cost & Security Optimization
  • - Monitoring & Alerting

Automation Solutions

Automation is the ultimate need for DevOps Practice. MCSP Automation Solutions:

  • - Complete IAAC (Infrastructure As A Code) Migration Automation Solutions
  • - Create & Manage Cloud Resources using IAAC and Configuration Management tools

CI/CD Tools

Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery automates your software delivery process. We can offer Solutions such as Design, Consult & Deploy CI/CD pipelines for any application or infrastructure management.

Migration Solutions

Looking for enterprise-class technology? We provide Cloud Migration Solutions. We expertise in migrating data such as:

  • - Client applications from anywhere directly to Cloud
  • - On premise to Cloud
  • - Cloud to Cloud

Unleash Your Business With DevOps Today

DevOps practices are increasingly becoming popular amongst many large corporations and ventures. DevOps engineers are slowly gaining recognition and are in huge demands. It is already estimated that DevOps could be and is the most sought-after skill, after Cloud Certifications, Machine Learning and even Industry Knowledge etc.

At Shirish Productions, we strive to be the pioneers in the DevOps Industry. Our basic principle for DevOps is to take an approach for businesses that want to increase their productivity, agility through the continuous delivery of products/services that matches and to finally exceed the needs of the end users. With the use of a single team weaved with cross-functional members all working in synchronization and harmony, the use of a DevOps in your team can certainly maximize speed, functionality and innovation.

DevOps brings a ton of tangible benefits to you and your business ventures.


more frequent deploys


faster recovery times


lower change failure rates

Reach out to us for a consultation and start heightening your business today!